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Exciting News!

The Male Training Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health (Male Training Center) is pleased to announce the release of the report, “Preventive Male Sexual and Reproductive Health Care: Recommendations for Clinical Practice” in collaboration with the Office of Population Affairs, Department of Health and Human Services.  The report describes best clinical practice recommendations for delivering preventive sexual and reproductive health services to reproductive-aged males.  These recommendations promote a set of principles, strategies, tools, and protocols regarding males’ sexual and reproductive health services that are evidence-informed, age appropriate, and systems-oriented.

These recommendations, prepared by Arik V. Marcell, MD, MPH and the Male Training Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health, provide a foundation for delivering high-quality, individualized health services to male patients. The report outlines the reproductive and sexual health screening tests, exams, and interventions that all men – regardless of age – should receive regularly, along with recommendations for tests and exams that are no longer needed.

Download a copy here.

Established in 2009, the Male Training Center is a program of AccessMatters and  the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Center for Sexually Transmitted Disease and Reproductive Health Research, Prevention, and Training.

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